Integrated management system – process oriented

Integrated management system – process oriented at PDR

The provision of a professional service at a high level is based on the cost-efficient organisation of a functioning quality control system and the assumption of social and environmental responsibility. In order to achieve these goals and to constantly improve, we have achieved the following certifications as part of an integrated management system:

Quality Management

according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Tests the efficiency of the individual processes (e.g. Logistics, production, sale) and their interaction. The goal is a high customer satisfaction and a process optimization to improve quality, which includes cost optimization and risk reduction.
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Environmental Management / Energy Management

according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 / SpaEfV
Tests the work processes with regard to their environmental impacts with the goal of minimizing risks and protecting resources. In addition, PDR runs an alternative Energy Management System according to the German Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung SpaEfV (Ordinance for summit balance - efficiency system) in order to design work processes as much energy efficient as possible. 
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Occupational Health and Safety Management System

according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 
Tests the work processes as to safe protection of life and health with the aim to guarantee safe workplaces.
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Specialist Disposal Company Ordinance (EfbV)

Tests the correct handling of waste received and guarantees the quality of recycling. PDR is certified for collection, storage, treatment and recycling of the relevant types of waste. Advantage for parties generating waste: Full confidentiality and relief from their supervisory responsibility, simplified documentation procedure with the authorities.
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Quality association of environmentally aware companies

Certification number: 01 483 1300038 
To document our sustainable management, PDR aquired the cachet "QuB".
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Certificate for product potential 

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14024 using a new method (in consideration of the in- and output flow of the recycling process). Concept of the Luxembourgian entreprise SuperDrecksKëscht®, member of the cluster Ecoinnovation.
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Non-certified Risk Management

Voluntarily, PDR is practising a Risk Management for Organisation and Systems so as to control the system elements. This is based on the standards of ONR 49000 ff.