The goal of our work is to protect the environment. We are committed to Agenda 21 and sustainable development, in particular to chapter 30 which lays out the requirements for environment-based management.

We use innovative environmental technology to make an active contribution to preserving resources and promoting climate protection. Compliance with all laws and regulations is an integral part of our activities. Wherever it is technically possible and economically viable, we do more to reach these goals than is expected of us.

Being aware of our responsibility, we use our experience to design our operating processes and workflows to ensure the health and safety of our employees and prevent any damage to our fellow citizens or the environment.

We measure the quality of our work by the level of satisfaction among our customers. We continuously work to improve this. This is the basis upon which we establish further recycling solutions.

We strive to achieve high level of added value within a socially beneficial and ecologically oriented market economy.

Our approach and actions are based on the principle of sustainability. The responsibility for future generations is part of our company's ethical system.

Mutual trust in our dealings with our employees, customers and partners is the source of our success. We achieve this by focusing on our will to perform, team spirit and respect for one another. We remind ourselves of this fact every day.