Recycling of HP Inc. inkjet printer cartridges

Partner for EMEA of Hewlett Packard Inc.

Since 2002, PDR is partner for EMEA of Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HP Inc.) for the recovery of inkjet printer cartridges.

Together with HP Inc. and the Bavarian Institute for Applied Environmental Research (BIfA) we developed over a one-year preparatory period a special recycling technology for inkjet printer cartridges, optimized it and built the adequate recycling facility in Thurnau.

Presently, HP Inc. takes over the collection of the inkjet printer cartridges in Europe and transports them to PDR. Klick here to find out more about the return of inkjet printer cartridges.

Upon arrival at PDR, the inkjet printer cartridges are sorted and separated according to the type to guarantee a high degree of purity of the regained raw materials and products. During a multi-stage recycling process, precious metals, high-quality plastics and steel are recovered.

Planet Partners Programm

The latest video of HP Inc. about environmental protection.

The diagram gives an overview over the recycling process of ink cartridges at PDR.