Recycling of PU foam cans

In Germany, about 25 million cans of polyurethane foam cans (PU foam cans) are consumed per year. The legislature has classified emptied PU foam cans as hazardous waste and deemed their recycling to be mandatory. PU foam cans cannot therefore be put in the landfill or yellow-bag recycling waste, nor into mixed construction or tin containers. But where are the cans supposed to go, then?

PDR provides the optimal solution: Our logistics team collects the PU foam cans throughout Germany. In Thurnau/Upper Franconia they are recycled, including their remaining contents. This can-return service is included in the sale price of the cans and therefore free in Germany.

We are proud to be able to recycle the cans returned at a rate of more than 95%. From these cans, we recover these products: prepolymer (PREPUR®), liquified gas (TRIGAS®), and these raw materials: plastic grist PE/PPtin plate and aluminium. In this way, we ensure the return of the individual raw materials back into the production cycle.

Are you interested in the recovered products and raw materials? Further details can be found under 'Products'.