Legal foundation

PU foam cans (waste catalogue code according to AVV 15 01 10*: packaging containing residues of or contaminated by dangerous substances) are classified as hazardous waste and must not be disposed of via the Dual System Germany(Green Dot) or another independent disposal system in Germany.

The most important laws and ordinances at a glance:

Life-Cycle Resource Management Act (KrWG)

§ 23 – Product responsibility
§ 24
 – Bans, restrictions and labels
§ 25
 – Acceptance and return obligations
§ 26
 – voluntary acceptance of returned goods 

Download KrWG §§ 23-26 (in German)

Packaging Law (VerpackG)

§ 3 – Definition
(7) Harmful Substances are those packaging materials as further defined in annex 2.
Annex 2, 3 Preparations of Diphenylmethan-4,4’diisocyanate (MDI), as long as these must be according to (...) classified as sensitising for the respiratory tract, category 1 (Resp. Sens. 1), need to be labelled with H-phrase H334 and are placed on the market in compressed gas cylinders.
§ 15 – Return obligation for packaging materials containing harmful substances
§ 16, 5 The returned packaging materials have primarily to be directed to preparation for reuse or to recycling.

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Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV)

§ 3 (8) – If the commercial residential waste is classified as waste requiring special supervision within the meaning of the European Waste Catalogue, it must be kept separately from other waste, separately stored, collected, transported and recycled or disposed of according to the rules.

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Dangerous Goods Ordinance (GefStoffV)

§ 2 – Definitions
§ 3
 – Criticality characteristics
§ 4
 – Categorisation, packaging and designation
§ 5 – Safety data sheet
§ 6
 – Determination of information and evaluation of hazard

Download GefStoffV §§ 2-6 (in German)

Dangerous Goods Regulation for Roads (GGVSE/ADR)

The transport of used PU-foam cans is regulated according to GGVSEB/ADR/RID.

TRG 300 (Technical Standard Gas)

Storage of filled pressurized gas containers