Ecological balance sheet

To burn or recycle?

Seen against the background of a worldwide responsibility for the climate and environment, the topic of resource conservation is becoming increasingly important. 
In 2012, Life cycle analysis specialists PE International AG have conducted a study on behalf of PDR which examines and compares the different forms of recycling for PU foam cans.

To preserve valuable resources, it is necessary to improve recyclable material collection, resource efficiency of exhaustible resources and high quality material recycling.

That these goals can be achieved also in the handling of hazardous materials is shown in an exemplary way in the recycling of PU foam cans including any remaining content.

The current eco balance sheet clearly shows that, in comparison to other recycling forms (substantial recycling of the packaging, but only thermal recycling of the remaining contents), the PDR recycling is significantly better from an ecological viewpoint. 
A consequent substantial recycling of packaging material (plastics, tin plate, aluminium) and remaining contents (prepolymer, propellants) achieves the greatest energy and raw material gain.

Here you can find all further information about the study:
Ecological balance sheet

Full version

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