Recycling: We close cycles

'Recycling' is a term that is frequently used incorrectly. Thermal recycling or energy recovery (combustion or conversion to thermal energy) is also commonly referred to as recycling; however, originally, 'Re-Cycling' referred to the return of waste and residual materials into the production cycle. This has been standard practice at PDR for 30 years.

Our objective: The best possible recovery rates

Our maxim has always been to achieve the highest recovery rate without losing sight of efficiency. We treat waste so that it can be returned to the production cycle.

This objective is part of our company philosophy that is based on resource conservation and sustainability. PDR actively implements the recycling principle. And we have an eye on the future, too: in collaboration with our technology and research partners, we develop new recycling solutions for our customers' waste and residual materials. Just contact us, if you are seeking a customised recycling solution for your product or production waste!